Teddi's Gonna Blog!

One of my favourite things to do is read, lots and lots of reading, and also to take down notes and quotes from the books that I read.  I keep these quotes in a commonplace book and periodically shuffle through the hundreds of 4x6 inch notecards that is my commonplace book, soaking up inspiration, ideas and wisdom from all of the beautiful books that I've read.  

Often, as I'm making notecards a great big overwhelming desire rises up in me.  I feel inspired to the max, the thoughts and ideas on the cards light my brain on fire and I feel a huge calling to share it all with the world.  I don't however want to push any of this on anyone who is not ready or not interested to hear these ideas, so here is where I will place them.  

I'll add some links to the books in case the snippets you see shared here leave you wanting more.  These links will likely at some point include affiliate links in hopes of earning a bit of money to purchase more books, to post more quotes, to keep it all going. 

I hope that the sharing of my little treasure trove of wisdom will inspire great things in your life and the lives of those around you! I also hope that it might inspire some great conversations between us.