Teddi Confetti

Hi there!! My name is Teddi (like the bear, not short for anything :P ). I’m originally from Oklahoma but moved to Australia with my husband a few years ago. It was a big move for a small town girl, but we love it here and are planning to stay!  I spend my days in my happy little studio sewing handmade confettidoris with lots and lots of love!  My free time is filled with crafting, creating, knitting, instagramming and generally making really pretty messes.

In 2013, I gave birth to a seriously awesome tiny human (Wyatt) and was also diagnosed with cancer. It was surreal having the best and worst moments of my life mashed into one, but this whole experience has helped snap my life into focus in unpredictable ways and has given me the courage to make the time for things that I love. I’m drawn to planning in such a strong way because I have a deep desire to wring the absolute best out of every second of my life!  My confettidori is the perfect tool to help me do that and I hope that it can help you too!!